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Ever evolving, yet serving in the local Church; Tobias has served
as Minister of Music over Youth for many years. In 2007, the Lord launched Tobias'
ministry to more eminent heights, as he has never seen, but foreknew in his heart.

Tobias answered the call to Ministry Fifteen years ago.  With an uncanny 5-Octave Vocal
Range, Tobias has proven, "Experienced" and yet Humble in the things of God.

Tobias has appeared on 7 Albums, including Byron Hypolite's
Round Trip," and his new project, "Live!" a Collection of 12 Live Worship songs.

May 5th, 2013 (Cinco De Mayo) marked a new mandate for Tobias.  Galatians 5:1
declares, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free."  This Message he decrees to the
Nations:  "Do not be entangled in that bondage again."

Tobias also travels Evangelistically with Music and Ministry, working with teams as well
as establishing them.  For booking
contact us today!

"When you think of Praise and Worship many people think music.  
But I believe that Praise is an acknowledgement of God's acts in our lives.  
And Worship is an acknowledgement of who God is."

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the
things which God hath prepared for them that love him...Now we have received, not the spirit
of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely
given to us of God."
- 1 Corinthians 2:9, 12

Tobias has worked and ministered with the likes of Grammy and Dove Award winning
Patti LaBelle,   Larnelle Harris;   Alvin Slaughter;  Vicki Yohe,
Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Dr. Beau Williams
and Evangelist/Pastor Steve Delino.

Tobias has also appeared on "Defender's of The Faith"
(a Texas-based Faith television program) along with hosts
Dr. August Francis and Pastor Shelby Varner.  
Watch a clip of
 Defender's of The  Faith, coming soon.....
Tobias Green Ministries!
Responding to the voice of God, we are obedient
to the exhortation of Isaiah 61, which teaches us
to: Preach the Gospel, mend the broken hearted,
set captives free, provide a house of praise and
worship, and rebuild waste places.
Preach the Gospel,
mend the broken
hearted, set captives
free, provide a house of
praise and worship, and
rebuild waste places.
Tobias Green was born in Lafayette, LA.
He accepted the Lord Jesus as his
Savior at a young age. With spiritual roots in his
local non-denominational church;
Tobias is an ordained minister of the Gospel.  He is
married to Kathryn Jasmine of San Antonio, Texas.
He is also a graduate of Life Christian University,
where he shares his Alma Mater with
Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn.
God has established Tobias as a leader of Music  
and Ministry.

Heavily involved in youth ministry,
Was instrumental in several XLR8 Youth
Conferences as teaching music work shops,
with over 500 in attendance every year,
serving under many Anointed Leaders such as
Kenny Flaming;  Steve Delino;
Kenneth Leleux; Robert Wells;
-Lynette Elizalde'-Robinson
Harvest The Dream Foundation, Inc.
-Rev. Charlie McCuen
Interfaith Assistance Ministries/Benny Hinn Ministries
"As the sun sets, the sky reveals its diamonds encrusted against the velvet infinity of God’s
Universe.  We often, cannot appreciate the hard work crafted into the bejeweled night, nor do
we take the time to give thanks for God’s creation of something so pleasing and magnificent to
our eyes. Yet, we are all like the stars, each a product of His mastery; crafting and
embellishing gifts custom designed to allow our twinkle on this earth to be seen and felt
around the world and to the far reaches of His Heavens.

Rev. Tobias Green is blessed with many rich, miraculously twinkling gifts of God’s love.

The rich and voluminous texture of Rev. Green’s voice, had to have been issued to him directly
from the angelic choir. Complimented with musical and ministerial leadership that evangelizes
the truth in God’s message, Rev. Green’s light is a beacon of rescue and revitalized spirit
against the troubling times of this century.  Family, church and community have been the
foundation of his passion to serve God.  Resonating a purposed filled life plan; he reaches,
teaches and shepherds flocks of dimming stardust, moving the songs and parables of God’s
love and promise through misshapen hearts, polishing their souls to new brilliance with faith
and determination that surely is pleasing to the Lord, Our Savior’s eye."
"I've known Tobias for many years.  He has a heart for The Nations, He's anointed and would
be a blessing to your Ministry or Event."
"Bishop Tobias is a voice to the nations!"
-Pastor Marlice Young-Dugas
Freestyle Ministries
Thank You's:
"Tobias, Thank you for ministering to my spirit!Your voice encourages me to keep the faith
and lets me know that God is truly able..."  -Teka Broussard

"Bishop, Brother & Friend--Thank you for your obedience.  You are such a blessing to
myself and others.  You are truly touching lives (healing).  
Thank you for saying YES to God..."  -Corita Andrus